Jiří Boháč

Jiří Boháč

Name: Jiří Boháč
Date of Birth: Jul 29, 1979
Home Address:U Mrázovky 14
15000 Praha 5
Telephone: +420 775 042 005
e-mail: jiri@boha.cz
jabber: jiri@boha.cz
IRC: jbohac on libera.chat

Together with my wife Jana, we have three sons: Jan, Jakub and Josef. See our family photo gallery.

I work as a Linux kernel developer at SUSE. Apart from there you may know me from:

Things I worked on


Mostly a museum of programs, scripts and helpers I wrote. You might find some of them funny or useful. Some are very old, hopelessly useless, completely arcane and I should probably be ashamed of them. Oh well...


I have a few creations and building tips on my LEGO page.


Things I was disapointed not to find elsewhere. I put them here once I find out myself...


Lyrics of various songs I transcribed, because I could not find them anywhere else.