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Improving LEGO RC train switches

The LEGO switch geometry is optimized for one purpose: building stations with parallel tracks. The "backwards" bend that makes this easy is a PITA when building almost anything else.

After seeing this inspiring presentation on track modification I decided to modify my RC switches. The procedure seen in the presentation is unnecessarily complicated as it deals with conductive 9V tracks.

I took an easier path to make the so called "stubby switch": I used a thin saw to cut off the bend of the switch and also cut a piece of curved track in half, as seen in the picture below:
cutting the switch
I recommend to snap an old damaged brick to the sleeper as a guide for the saw.

Using a spare 2x4 plate of the appropriate colour, I can join the switch with the cut-off part (for building parallel tracks). When I join the switch with one of the halves of the curved track, I get a switch that corresponds to two curves:
switch corresponds to 2 curves

Now I can use the the switch to tangentially connect to a circle
circle tangent
... and build more complicated track layouts in less space:
complicated layout

Happy cutting!